Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who has the Knox box Key?

This is what is known as a Knox box a very sturdy built box used by fire Dept's so they can get the keys they need to get into a structure and find out what is causing the fire alarm to go off with out having to break down the door to the business.or wait for an authorized key holder to respond.
The boxes are often times tied to an alarm system as well to warn when they are opened.
The keys to open these boxes are carried on certain fire vehicles and some times access to the keys is only possible on the vehicle when a dispatcher sends a radio tone to release it from a special lock box. each community's boxes uses a key made for that community only.
The system works very well. Well that is except for where I live in Penn Hills Pa. seems one of the firefighters who was suppose to return the keyring to the Knox box failed to do so and took it home with him/her I found this out when testing the fire system at a shopping plaza when the Fire Marshal came to do the test and opened the box only to find the keys gone. Since no one would admit to taking the keys my customer spent $600.00 to re-key the plaza. So while it is a very good idea it has its flaws . I would like to see it made so it could not be locked back up unless the keys are reinserted this would stop the problem of this happening .

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