Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Purse Snatching caught on High Resolution Equiptmet why choosing and designing a proper Surveillance System is so critical

In the above images you are viewing an actual Purse Snatching incident caught on the surveillance camera system I installed at Stanton Industrial Electric Supply In Wilkinsburg Pa.
last year after a minor vandalism incident.
As you can see from the wide angle 2.8 mm lens on the Nuvico 600 lines of resolution Camera which was recorded on a 8 channel Nuvico Apex Lite DVR the images are clean and sharp and even thou the incident has taken place 50 feet from the camera because a high resolution system was used Wilkinsburg and Allegheny County detectives will be able to enhance these images for extremely clear facial ids of the young men involved. Unfortunately the internet compression does not allow you to see just how sharp these images are
from this and 2 other cameras watching the lot. If this was one of those typical cheap camera systems you can buy at Costco or Sam's Club for your home or business forget it there would not be enough pixilation to be able to blow up the digital picture and ID a suspect, think of the difference between a 4 meg digital camera vs a 12 meg and you would be out of luck. It is essential when installing cameras to use professional equipment to get professional results. this includes having the DVR and cameras on a back up power UPS unit and
getting cameras with plenty of infrared LED's for night operation. The Nuvico cameras have 30 LED per camera cheap systems have 6-12 LED
Proper placement is also critical as you can see the wide angle camera is being used for a general overview of the lot while 2 additional cameras at the dock catch close up action . with these 3 cameras plus the camera watching the front walk any criminal activity is totally covered.
1 camera alone is not enough and you only get part of the incident. As you can see a professional system is worth every penny for your business or home if you can afford it and high quality kits are available on line for the DIY types which can also give good results if properly installed.

Update There have been arrests in this case and further suspects in several cases in area identified due to this video and others

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