Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Group home is on fire You need to escape .Can you figure out how to unlock this door?

Your life is on the line a fire has broken out in this group home and you must get out NOW ! you go to open the door but it will not budge there's been a magnetic lock installed on the door but where is the release button where is the motion sensor to release it why has it not opened when the Fire Alarm activated. Good question because you will be dead in 60 seconds from now the building is filling with thick deadly smoke.
Well its all a scenario but exactly what could have happened at one of my Institutional clients because they chose the lowest bidder and one who is not qualified to do this type of work .
So not only did they overspend our tax payers money who helped pay for the job they hired a computer firm of 911 nerds who has no business installing these locks.
In the state of Pa. as in many states there are some very specific rules and regulations when it comes to installing electrically activated locks especially when it comes to magnetic locks.
on group homes these locks are not even permitted under DPW Department of Welfare Act 43 Rules. But of course the State inspector with his head up his ass has been on campus several times now and has never caught these improperly installed magnetic locks. Which also brings up the question why are we bothering to pay for inspectors with there heads up there asses in the first place.

So what are the rules regarding Mag Locks as there commonly known.

Rule 1# the locks must immediately drop power and door unlock when a Fire Alarm activates

Rule 2# A clearly visible manual button must be installed to override power to the lock as you can see in picture you can barely make out the button is for releasing this door.

rule 3# there must be a motion sensor above a door to sense when you approach the door and automatically unlock it.

If a Motion sensor is not used than a special UL listed door releasing bar which has switches built into it must be used to release the door.

Additionally there can only be one mag lock in a pathway you are exiting from .

The codes require no more than one means of special knowledge to egress a building be used
in an exiting pathway.

But of course as usual how many property's I walk on and find the locks not meeting the codes at all. In fact on this property they installed the controls for some of these doors in an Elevator control room which again is a major code violation and nothing has been said or done and most of the locks do not even work properly so $50,000.00 they spent for a totally illegal and worthless locking system. A system I warned them had to meet very specific codes etc, and they just ignored my input and spent the tax payers money and have nothing to show for it and have once again managed to fire the local fire marshal temper up who ordered them to turn the system off.
Once again they can not understand why they are being picked on. maybe its time these administrators step down and people with common sense be allowed to run the place but then again this will never happen and they wonder why the state is not sending at risk youths to them
for treatment.
Yes your tax payer money is once again wasted and these students are at risk in the community and at just as much danger being institutionalized. When is Pa. going to wake up and smell the coffee as they say.

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