Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why spend big bucks for technology to be installed then not use it?

Often when installing and servicing High technology system I often shake my head as to what the hell where they thinking when they wasted the money to put a high tech system in and then not use it.
I see this with camera systems all the time they will go out and have the most sophisticated DVR/NVR recorder they can buy and ultra high resolution cameras and then it sits there because no one knows how to operate it. But that's Ok because often it is tax payer money being wasted in
Non Profit or government buildings.

They will never consider an economy based system which is easy to use and is 1/3 rd the cost because they have to have some big name outfit with all the prestige and charisma pull the wool over there eyes with all there so called technical skills only to put it in wrong and it never work correctly I see it all the times all this wizz bang technology sitting there and not being used.
They spent $80,000.00 for a camera system at a school for at risk children which i put the original system in for $5000.00 but that was not good enough even though it worked just fine they still went a head wasted the tax payers money for a system no one new how to use.
Saw this happen at County probation and health dept offices as well. they put in security systems that falsed all the time they stopped using it because it became a pain and you the tax payer pad for it. What a shame and what a waste.

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