Tuesday, November 29, 2011

40 years later a Phone Call from a Bully

That was surprising last night when I got a phone call from some one who bullied me back when I went to St. Basil s Grade school in the 60's.
He was calling to apologize for having done it and was worried it had hurt me all those years ago.
Well I forgave him and told him how it actually made me a better and stronger individual as I will not put up with it when I see it on a job site.
He explained he was bullied and in return since he could pick on me that's why he did it.
You have to remember I was very skinny and sick as a child but grew into a 6' 2" -225 LB individual so yea many of those bully's had lots to worry about if they ever unfortunately crossed my path and several paid for it the hard way just like they bullied me. Some just got the shit kicked out of them etc. wasn't so funny for them after they where on the reciving end of it.

Like me he also has fought and is winning his battle with cancer and I explained to him how many old ghosts and skeletons have come out of the closet when I got the cancer and he said that's part of what prompted his calling me. He has mellowed out and become a man and confronted his old ghosts . Its a shame it took this long to learn just how precise life is as it can be here one day and gone the next . But I wish him well and he finally have peace in his life because so many I grew up with did not either dead by there own hand , in Prison ,addicted or just living a horribly miserable and tragic life. We learn by our mistakes and I have made more than my share and if I have offended any one it was not intentional . May we all learn , love and lead
good lives and be able to handle the speed bumps we encounter. It makes you a better human being. It starts by treating your fellow man the way you want to be treated.

Note: Since writing this article My younger brother tells me he has gotten several of these calls over the years when he did further research why it is some times because an individual is going thru one of numerous 12 step programs for an addiction. How ever after 40 years I find this not the case .

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