Friday, November 18, 2011

Bad install comes back to haunt 30+ years laters

I had one of my customers who owns a swimming pool sales store call me this summer to tell me the lights where blinking in the store occasionally and at one time they thought they heard a buzzing sound like bees ?
I immediately drove up to the store worried there was some thing more to this story and there was after checking inside and not finding any problems I went outside to check the main service and found a hole burnt thru the trough box for the electrical service. I immediately called Lawrence county 911 and told them the situation I had and the got hold of Penn Power for me and sent a Fire unit to stand by till the service could be safely shut down Lawrence county 911 is an excellent service compared to my home county of Allegheny where I could fill this blog full with horror story's. A Penn Power Trouble Shooter was on scene in 30 minutes and shut down the service which also shut down a vacant buildings power next to us and we opened the trough and found that the split bolt knuckle had been rubbing up against the Auxiliary Gutter as it is some times called and that the proper splicing layers of rubber , plastic and friction tape had not been installed and that excess pressure was being put on the lid. We re-taped and layered all the connections then shifted the wires around and had power back on in an hour. taking the pressure off the wires. This is not the first time I have had Penn Power there previously a fender washer used to secure the main panel to the wall came loose and past the screw holding it and it made contact with the main power lug. How ever installed this service at was once a used car lot and who ever inspected it from Mid Atlantic inspections never did there job and as a result my customer has now had several major and expensive service calls due to people not doing there jobs. Thank god has not had a fire as a result of there negligence. Plus remember this is Pennsylvania a state with no Electricians license any one can be an electrician outside the major city's that require you to be registered and that's no guarantee your going to get any better work. It is definitely buyer beware in Pa. when it comes to hiring a contractor.

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