Friday, November 4, 2011

It does not takeTerrorist just an idiot to blow up a Shopping Mall

I was working on a Sunday in a mall to install a camera system while a store was not busy to only walk into the back storage room to smell Propane Gas I get hold of the manager and tell him its propane . He thinks it is sewer gas. I say no it is propane it has a very distant acrid smell to it plus there was a propane tank in the store when I was there yesterday. Well you guessed it the tank from a forklift that was being used outside to load shelves etc into this new store was being stored in the back room so no one could mess with the fork lift was in fact leaking. Luckily it had not yet gotten to explosive levels and I was able to turn it off and take it outside all the while smelling propane all thru the back hall.

Luckily this time no one got hurt but it could have been catastrophic.
First off you are never to store any type of flammable liquid or gas in a mall period. with out very specific permits and rules and special storage facility the person who brought the tank into the storage room could have been charged with a felony criminal charge of Risking a Catastrophe. under Pa. law
2nd what ticked me off the most a mall cop shows up while i am carefully moving the tank outside and opening doors to get fresh air in the store wanting my truck moved . What for its Sunday I was in a loading zone I was legally parked. Well this was enough I had the good little Nazi Ass hole Mall cop call his supervisor to the rear of the store hall and confronted him and his good little Nazi with the fact there all worried about how my truck was parked but never noticed the Propane smell from the tank that was leaking since Saturday or the fact the storerooms hall was blocked etc etc. Well all of a sudden my truck was no longer an issue as a mall management person showed up and was furious with his mall cops he uses and the store manager.
Because yes in deed there could have been a catastrophe and why was a store allowed to store stuff in a hall way and block an exit door.
So as you can see there are plenty of idiots in this world in the retail arena just another reason I choose not to shop in malls and do not feel comfortable in most of them knowing the code violations which often are ignored and the long amount of time it takes to get to an outside exit at most of them upwards of 150 feet or more.When I have trouble walking as it is.

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