Monday, November 21, 2011

New line of Electrical Safety Gloves

From time to time I get asked to evaluate a new alarm or electrical product , in fact I do beta testing for several company's who want an honest tradesman's opinion on there product.

The latest company to ask me is Magid Glove & Safety manufacturing Company LLC located in Chicago Illinois
I have used there Work/Welding gloves at various plants I work at where the plant has provided them and they have always been hard working so I knew I was not going to be disappointed when I was asked to look over and evaluate a new line of electrical Rubber Insulating Gloves known as there " Magid A.R.C. " Line and I have found them to fit ,flex and wear extremely well .
First off the gloves are much more flexible than normal Class I gloves. which allow you to work up to 7500 volts I work up to 480 volts so these gloves might be overkill but when your working on industrial voltage or changing an electrical service tap you want all the protection available to you.
The problem always thou with these gloves is flexibility while trying to perform a operation like connecting a nut and bolt together. The entire protective glove system properly worn includes a first layer of a cotton type glove to absorb sweat then the rubber gloves and finally a over set of leather gloves to prevent the rubber gloves from being torn.
Needless to say with 3 layers on its difficult to due a task so any extra flexibility is important and that's where Magid A.R.C. Gloves deliver. So many times I have put rubber gloves on and found there is just no flexibility to them this was not the case with the Arc Gloves I was easily able to put together a nut and bolt with washers on a Industrial Buss with no problems. After 2 months of using the gloves on projects several times a week there just as flexible as the day I received them as you can see in the picture on left .I had the gloves blown up with air and tested as well and no signs of holes or tears or other deterioration which can be detrimental to your health.
I have showed them around and let other electricians try them as well and they agree on the flexibility of these gloves compared to what there currently using and the gloves are very competitively priced as well. and they come in half sizes.
If your going into protective gloves for the first time or need to replace your current set take the time to check out the Magid A.R.C. rubber insulating gloves

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