Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Private Career and Trade Schools Most are nothing more than a Government RIP OFF

Be an Electrician , Welder etc etc in 18 months the commercials tout WRONG
the Big Secret no one wants to talk about is the vast majority of for profit career and Trade schools are nothing but a big rip off. They fill young guys and gals heads full of mush how there a trained and certified professional when they come out of school and there going to make all this fantastic money.
The truth they get you ready for an entry level job and even that is not even true some times your training is completely worthless.
How do I know this because I once taught for a short period at one of these for profit schools and left after being totally and completely disgusted with all the lies and poor training going on.
I saw many cases where students where excepted that never should have been and this worthless schooling costs big bucks as much as $30,000.00 or more to go to these schools. There is no way these loans will ever be repaid and now the Federal government is going ofter several schools here in Pittsburgh.
Then there's the instructors who for the most part are individuals who have been kicked out or otherwise forced out of the trade because there work skills where very poor or they where just plain lazy . One of my customers a large welding fabricator recently hired one of these so called welding instructors for his plant thinking he would get an excellent welder WRONG his welding skills are so bad he works as a helper laborer in the plant , and this guy was teaching others how to weld.
The truth is if you really want to learn a trade you need to go to a trade school run by a school district or community college where you will get the basics and then go to work as a helper till you learn what you need to become a journeyman with your skills this takes up to 5 years not 18 months there is so much that must be learned including how to think on your feet and good mechanical and fitting skills,
I am not saying all for profit schools are bad but way too many are out of all the 100 plus schools that are for profit here in Pittsburgh there are less than a dozen I would even recommend going to.
Go to a community college where the fees are much less and affordable and you get better instruction and a better chance of getting an entry level job or apply as a laborer some where and work your way up under a well trained journeyman.


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