Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Smart Emergency Lights they let you know when the back up battery needs serviced

You see them in almost every commercial building back up emergency lighting units whose 2 lights come on and light the way for you to find your way out if the power goes out . but how many when the power goes out how many actually work?
Well up to 50% or more do not . Why? because there is a
a sealed lead acid battery which must be replaced every 3-5 years and they are suppose to be tested at least annually in some cases monthly but it never gets done and the 45 minutes of emergency light your suppose to have is not there and your stuck in a dark building not fun .
How many times when I have opened up and checked emergency lights I still find the original battery's in them just last week I found one which had never been changed from 1984 as it was hiding in a ceiling in a restaurant which called me after there lights went out and most did not work. Well one way to avoid this is with new Smart Packs which warn when theirs a problem with the system but at 2-3 times the cost of a standard unit you can be sure there not a big seller .
That's why it takes vigilance to make sure there tested and even set up for a service to come in and do them when they check the fire extinguishers which many places have started to do.
Yet you would be surprised how many buildings in Pa. I can walk into including day cares , personnel care homes etc and no emergency lights or lighted exit signs. But that's the way it is when local fire and building officials do not inspect properly . But then again this is Pa. do what ever you feel like. I just found a Head start Program in Armstrong county where they some times have night party's and sessions and no exit lights and no emergency lights and a steep pair of steps from 2nd to first floor. The director gives me the bull shit this is an existing structure.
yes for an office not a day care the new laws must be followed.Will see if they do or not now that every one has been put on notice.

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