Sunday, November 6, 2011

You have to be a Sick Individual to screw with some one going thru Colon Cancer

last year I posted about people going around claiming I was dead from Colon Cancer . Well it seems the rumors will not go away.
I walked in a business the other day I have not been to in over 2 years and the employees nearly had a cardiac . They heard I had died .
Wow how that hits you when you hear it. But I can believe people when they really thought it happened.I recently had to renew my drivers license and woman doing the photos asked for another ID since I had changed physical features so much from my last license which was taken in 07 When I was going thru Chemo.

Well it has been 4 years since I was diagnosed and still I keep running into things sick Individuals tried and did do to me including making not so kind posts on different internet forums and groups.
The latest group I found my name being used is for Fire Investigators and I had to ask the administrator to remove all of the posts.
Yes friends I trusted to run my business and where here in my home using my computer instead where screwing me the whole time trying to steal my Alarm accounts and spreading rumors. I only have couple hundred accounts but there good high quality commercial and industrial accounts which could kick off significant recurring revenue that's why they want them. But getting them and keeping them is a whole different story.
Then I run into other interesting things on the internet too when I find people using my company name and saying they worked for me as investigators,technicians etc.
funny I'm a sole proprietor.
I do occasionally have people help me but I have not had an employee since 1989 other than a few sub contractors who have worked with me over the years from time to time and they get 99 forms .
Yea I find out all kinds of stuff all the time how people are screwing me and taking work away from me because they resent the fact despite all that has happened to me I still manage to get out few days a week and work in the field I love. Then there are those racist sick individuals who believe I am Jewish by how my last name is spelled . Sorry My grandfather and grandmother came from Ukraine/ Austria where not Jewish and there buried at the Ukraine catholic cemetery. The name misspell which we believe correctly should be Markowich was changed when my grandfather came thru Ellis island shortly before WWI as a young man. In fact I know Jewish individuals who have the - wich on end of there names we always laugh about our grandfathers getting in the wrong line on Ellis Island.

I get phone calls all the time from people who tell me rumors being spread about me etc.
because there are those who are jealous and envious of the fact I have appeared or was mentioned in several alarm and electrical trade magazines and I am such a little nothing company. Hey its no big deal want to apear in a magazine get off your lazy fat ass and write an article or two and submit them and they will gladly use them if there any good. That's all it takes it is called effort and integrity or did the ones defaming me forget that.
Now really what can me and my little company due to an industry that there so afraid of me.
Is it because I try to do the right thing everyday and do a good days work and show pride in my work and try and promote good work ethic if that's what scares them then they really must be sick.

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