Saturday, December 24, 2011

Co Detector Saves lives Christmas Eve

My parents needed new Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in there home so being in the business I always get them for them wholesale priced.
I put in these new 10 year battery life smokes and she told her friends about it and they mentioned they have smoke detectors but not a Co Detector and asked if if could get them the same deal on the price as my parents and I said sure no problem there retired and can use a break so I got them one and my mom gave it to them 2 weeks ago .

Tonight I get a call from my mom that Co detector I got for them just saved there lives.
She had been cooking on her moms old stove all day and unknown to her there was a problem with the burners on the stove and it was putting out high amounts of Co.
The alarm went off so she took it outside and put in some new battery's in thinking maybe the battery's she put in where not good when in ten minutes it was going off again. She and her husband worried something was wrong called the gas company who told them they needed to get out of the residence and upon the gas company arriving they found the faulty stove which was putting out 90 parts per million PPM of Carbon Monoxide gas. Had she put the roast in the stove to night and let it bake like she planned and they took there evening nap they may never have woken up from having succumbed to Co Poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide is nothing to play with it is just not the car left running in the garage under the house or the furnace that can kill it the gas cooking stove and it could be the gas fire place.
Co Detectors can be gotten for as little as $20.00 and if you can not afford one many Fire depts will provide them for free or at reduced cost. get a co alarm the very life it saves could be your own.

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