Thursday, December 1, 2011


Why is it that COMCAST Cable Installers have in the last 3 years been snooping around in my fire panels .
Good question because they could be facing felony criminal charges or risking a catastrophe
for messing around in these panels should they cause one not to work and there's a fire

It does not matter if I have the panels locked or not because many COMCAST Installers and there Sub contractors where former Alarm System installers who have the generic keys which can open a panel makers line of product.
I have filed complaints with fire officials in Penn Hills , Emsworth and Wilkinsburg after responding to panel troubles to find out a COMCAST Installer or Sub has been in the room the panel is located doing work.
No installer or tech or handy man of any type should be opening a fire panel and even looking inside only the company that services and maintains the panel is permitted under law in most states. even if your trying to figure out a telco problem you should never enter a panel unless an alarm company tech is present.

I just recently had to respond to an apartment complex in Penn Hills to fix broken wires in a fire panel after a Comcast installer was working in the room and all of a sudden the panel now has problems.

This is a warning to Comcast and all Cable and Telco company's keep your people out of my and other alarm company's panels or face the consequences of being sued by one of my customers or there insurer and your installer being arrested .
This is not a game this is life threatening if something goes wrong.

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