Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tamper Resistant Electrical Outlets there now required in new construction

Every year small children are injured in homes when there curiosity gets the best of them and they explore that funny looking device in a wall. In most cases a child receives and bad shock and gets an early education in the monster in the wall ad after some crying and tears its a lesson learned how ever in other cases the exploration is fatal.
With this in mind manufacturers for many years have made plastic receptacle covers you inserted to keep children safe and they have been required in child care facility for many years. But there hard to take in and out and have to be replaced once removed.
Well now manufacturers have come out with a better idea. A self closing receptacle which works
to keep children safe while still being convenient to use.
They are now required by law in new residential construction in community's which enforce the current version National Electrical Code. Which is most but not all community's in the USA .
They must also be used where a receptacle in an older home is being replaced with a new receptacle or where new outlets are being added.
The new receptacles cost couple penny's more to the same as regular receptacles and are available at almost all places which sell electrical items.
The following links Provided by Pass & Seymor will provide a wealth of information plus code updates. have young children at home consider using these receptacles.

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