Thursday, December 1, 2011

FIOS Installer puts 125 lives at risk because he is lazy

Yes once again lives put at risk because of poor training and poor attitude of a telco installer.
this time it was a 5 apartment building complex in Penn Hills where 125 individuals lives where put at risk because this lazy ass hole failed to even ask if there was a fire alarm connected even though he had to walk right past it. and was installing new FIOS service which is phone and internet lines in the management office. With the fire alarm remote keypad beeping in the lobby he walks out and never says a word to management because it was 3pm and time to go home . What a LOSER.
But then again what do you expect. with the break up of AT&T in the 80's they offered buy outs to all the older high paid installers who where well trained and instead hired a bunch of young guys give them 3 weeks training and send them on jobs so multiple installers have to go some where and fix things till it is done right. If you have older style phone lines servicing a complex forget getting any help none of the newer installers have any ideal what a ISDN or Serial Data Line or 46K line is let alone have any ideal how to fix it.
No all the telcos want to pay and train as little as possible so they can maximize profits. The result thousands every night put at risk all over the country when installers do not hook fire and burglar and medical alarms back in correctly and its not discovered till trouble signals sound or a an alarm goes off and theirs no response. What a way to run a company. full of corporate pukes.

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