Sunday, January 29, 2012

AED Units Lifesaving units with few regulations where there to be mounted and stored

At left is one of many AED units Automated Emergency Defibrillator Unit.
designed to assist those having a heart attack whose heart has stopped beating you are finding them in more public buildings and office's as CPR alone does not have the success that AED units due.
The units are designed to be operated by some one with even limited medical knowledge and come with voice instructions and excellent graphics show where to
apply the pads and the units will not administer a shock unless an abnormal rhythm requires it.

With this in mind you would think there would be be rules and regulations where these units should be located and how there stored but that's does not seem to be the case While the FDA has stringent rules to the manufacture of the units that also require them to sound an alert when there battery goes low so you know its time to service the unit which currently is yearly . There are no national standards or guidelines which I have been able to find as far as where to mount how to mount or high high to mount these units.Or if and when to alarm them.

While some units simply sit on a shelf in a covert like at my dentist office some are in simple cabinets with signs directing you to them. While other as have alarms which sound when there removed from a cabinet and flash a strobe light . While others like the one I installed at a lodge at a public park are tied to a supervised loop on a Fire Alarm system which calls a central station which notify s medics the AED has been deployed.
Which can save valuable time during an emergency to help 911 know exactly where the emergency is going on in the park.
So as you can see it is pretty much up to who buys them where and how they mount them.
In the case of my dentist I would hope the staff during an emergency remembers the unit is in the covert.I have suggested he mount it out where public can see it.
But once again instead of common sense recommendations being put forth with the units its being left up to each buyer how to handle it which one day will cause an unneeded death and bring lawsuits which will then bring national codes and regulations which make no sense and cause undo burden.Because there written by the big guys in the industry with strictly there interests and profits in mind.
But that's always the way it seems to go make a product push it with out guidelines and sit back and watch the calamity happen.

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