Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Security System Dont be a Chump or Dupe

If you listen with any regularity to Talk radio and have come across Dave Ramsey or Clark Howards Consumer Shows
You may have heard them say how bad a deal the Free security systems deals are .
Well here is the proof at left is a current flyer by a alarm distributor and for $253.35 Wholesale Typically $975.0o retail on the web there is the typical kit that is put in by these door knocking alarm installers who you sign up and pay $45.00 a month for 5 years of monitoring and no service .

So lets run the numbers
It costs the dealer $253.95 for the kit $75.00 to get it installed by some one for a total of $328.95
he gets monitoring for $4.00 a month yet your paying $45.00 so the monitoring $240.00 and total cost to dealer complete install and 5 years monitoring is costing the dealer $568.95 and for that 5 year free system you have paid$2700.00

Which means you put $1500.00 dollars profit in the dealers pocket for what exactly not even the best panel a package panel.
Now everyone is entitled to a profit but $1500.00 dollars for little to no work well you can see why everyone is ready to sell you a free system. So even if they give you a couple extra doors etc there still making $1000.00 for that free system.
Do not get burned. Purchase a traditional system $1200.00 to 2000.00 and pay a reasonable monitoring fee $20-35 a month
do not go with the free deals.
Traditional dealers are out there typically small operations with out big adds etc. shop and compare and if they say free hang up the phone or close the door.
Also professional products are out there on the web for the DIY crowd with good skills.

Every business owner is entitled to a fair and reasonable profit for producing a product whats fair? That's for you the consumer to decide.

Sorry I am not taking new residential clients.

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