Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolution Products a product that solves Wireless alarm Compatability issues

Taking over existing Honeywell ITI, DSC,2 Gig , NAPCO
wireless systems and making them work with what ever panel your using has always been an issue which means everything in the system has to be changed.
Well that use to be the case till resolution Products came along


They make the impossible possible. By allowing an existing hardwired system tie to a wireless self contained system control like Honeywell Lynx or DSC Alexor or allowing one manufacturers product to work with another manufacturers product. Such as DSC wireless transmitters to work on a Honeywell system.

This is important when you have a customer who wants a new system but does not want to have to change out every last wireless sensor in the home or business to there preferred panel they want to use.
The alarm industry has always allowed hard wired devices except for addressable devices to interchange such as door contacts and motions but when it come to wireless forget it you had to change everything. Now you do not . Resolution Products set up fast and work well.

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