Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That Security System Sign makes you safer from Burglars? Really?

You see them all over the place like Mushrooms.
Security System signs and stickers with whoever s company name on them.
or just a generic sign like this one.


Well that's what there suppose to do . But do you know that sign could be very attractive to certain Professional Burglars .
How can this be well it all depends some professional burglars who ply there trades in the more affluent neighborhoods look for these signs deliberately. Because when you have an alarm and no one else in the neighborhood it peeks there interest why?
Because they figure you have something of value like a Gun or Coin Collection or other high value target your worried about protecting while everyone else on the street do not seem to be concerned. If you do not believe me look up Willie Carter in the Pa. Dept. of Correction's
a master burglar they called "The Snake " he was so good at sneaking into and out of homes and never got caught breaking in but when he fenced the goods. When he was interviewed in the Pittsburgh Papers years back he told why he targeted certain homes and alarms are what told him that's where to go looking something of value is in there. Due to the fact he had been a contractor he knew exactly where and how to get into a home and bypass alarm systems.There have been several professionals like the snake around Western Pa. over the years with the same story how they picked there victims.
now I am not saying do not use signs and stickers but for the most part my customers do not .
They would rather surprise a burglar there's a system than clue them off to it.
This is a personnel choice.
With so many cookie cutter freebie alarms out there burglars know exactly whats armed and whats not armed and how to get around them. When you put a known brand sign out there the burglar knows exactly what type of system you have and how to beat them.Often just having to cut the phone line unless it is backed up with cell ,radio or IP monitoring.
Yes the signs and alarms keep away most amateur criminals and junkies but not professionals
and even if they do trip the system they know they have several minutes before the police arrive that's why they often carry police scanners with them in case they trip a silent burglar alarm .
A security system is only one step in fully protecting your home and business. proper lighting , locks and keeping shrubs etc clear . and being guarded in what you show or do all help.
There was just a home invasion in McKeesrocks Pa.yesterday because some one showed off there guns to the wrong person and you guessed it they where hit this morning.
When it comes to security always think is what I am doing attracting some one.

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