Monday, January 23, 2012

Theres more that can be monitored than just Burglar and Fire Signals

So you went and installed a Burglar and or Fire System
In your home or business so your protected against fires or criminal activity but what about flooding from Broken pipes due to freezing do to your furnace failing or your washer/floor drain backing up and its going into your collection room.
What about that fancy Wine Cellar or Cigar Humidor you have in your high end home when the temperature or humidity goes wrong because your power has gone out to your humidifier or de-humidifier.

Yes we can monitor these and many more things which can go wrong in a home or business. with products from company's like Windland Electronics

Which makes all type of sensors which can be stand alone or part of a complete system that can be monitored by your alarm systems unused zones.
Windland even makes its new EA800 -ip unit which allows you to look in and see temp levels etc. thru the internet .

But theirs is even more items which can be monitored and require critical response.
Such as 3 phase power loss or hi and low pressures even high and low PH or if a tank is maintaining its liquid level or getting ready to overfill what about a natural / propane or other gas leak or Carbon Monoxide Leak .Today if you can dream it some one makes a unit to monitor it and signals can be delivered just as many ways over internet via email , pager or text
hard line phone and cell phone via voice delivery to several land or mobile numbers you self monitor or to a central station . There are many options available. even where there's no power Solar/battery can supply the means to watch what needs watched.
So if you have a high end or even low end home and could benefit from Environmental monitoring
look around there are all types of sensors and systems from inexpensive and DIY to high end custom built.

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