Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tough to Protect Structure from Fire Protectowire it.

Need fire protection in a tough Industrial location
like a conveyor belt tunnel or manufacturing line
how about a large barn or Aircraft Hanger
Protectowire fits the bill


This unique product from the Protectowire Company fits the bill.

Available in many different temperature ranges and jacket styles and usable in all environments even Hazardous Locations protectowire is one of the most versatile products on the market for industrial locations
where traditional smoke and heat detectors will not work due to the environmental conditions.

Protectowire works when a heat sensitive polymer breaks down at set temperature and allows the two inner wire conductors to touch activating the alarm. Protectowire can even tell you where along the wire length the activation has occurred with there special designed fire panels.
While not inexpensive this product can solve many fire protection issues conventional systems can not. In addition to Protectowire's line of panels the wire can also be used with selected panels by other ,manufacturers Like Potter's releasing panel.
you can also use conventional rate of rise and Rate Compensation heats along the wires path to further enhance its capabiltys.

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