Monday, January 2, 2012

Why some Code officers need there butts FIRED

At the photo at left you see a strobe used for fire alarms . It was originally installed at 79" to the top which was fine as ADA and other codes see it but not in this case when a jack booted good little Nazi State of Pa. Building Inspector said no you have to move all them up.
he wanted them exactly at 80" at bottom of the box. So now you have a brand new day care center at a church with a bunch of extra holes in the walls. Because an idiot of an inspector who has absolutely no common sense and reads a code and enforces it exactly how it is written with out taking in any other consideration .
In fact the way the strobe was installed was perfectly fine the new floor had not been installed and no one told him that. Needless to say I had a nice long conversation with this idiot after I got involved in the project to Finnish it when another contractor went belly up. I filed a formal complaint against the inspector as this was totally and completely avoidable .This ADA American with Disabilties code says You can put that strobe between 80" and 96" and its fine you can put it even higher where it might get blocked and you still can see it and have just as much light as tests have been shown by testing agency's. such as in dollar stores etc.
But how many inspectors have to be total idiots and say no it must be 80" .
While this inspector came thru and passed the whole system I also showed him all the problems with the system he never caught as well and could have impacted it operating properly which needed corrected. Yes he was all hot aand bothered by a non 80" strobe which would have been after the floor was installed but totally missed important violations I had to correct.
Is this the kind of inspectors we want out there absolutely not.
But this is why you see so many systems that fail to operate properly because these inspectors where never properly trained for there position and go around with there jack boots thinking there the almighty. sorry that position is filled.what we need are inspectors who know what the hell there looking at and passing not what just the book says. Or we all pay the price when a system fails and there's plenty of those out there.

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