Friday, January 27, 2012

Honeywell Tuxedo Touchpad and Z-Wave a new Automation Technology you should get to know

At left is the new Honeywell Tuxedo Touch pad control center which utilizes Z- wave technology

A low power radio wave system which allows this controller to lock and unlock doors control heat and cool thermostats control lights and many other items in your home .

It is a far superior control technology over the older X-10 system which has been around since the 80's which sent a wireless signal over your home wiring and was hit or miss working and required filters and phase couplers to work properly.

Honeywell's new tuxedo line with Z-Wave is designed to work with its new "Total Connect 2 "series of cellular and IP communicators which gives your smart phone full control of your home or business. The graphics of the Tuxedo Touch Pad are the same as "Total Connect 2 "on your smart phone to help keep things simple and elegant and any one can use it.
I addition the Z- wave thru Total connect 2 can send email and text messages as t items status etc. check it out at.

Thinking of installing Home or business security or fire systems take a look at Honeywell products .
Check out the Tuxedo in action

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