Saturday, February 18, 2012

3 cents worth of tape stops Alarm system problems but Lazy ass installers and companys will not do it.

Just pennies worth of any type of tape will stop many alarm system problems but alarm company's will not supply there installers with a $1.00 roll of tape and installers will not buy it on there own.

The problem as shown in the bottom photo is the screw which stick out just slightly after mounting a keypad.
As you can see in the left picture which is the rear view of a keypad there are many small electronic leads which could bump against these screws and short or cause problems if some one with heavy fingers pushes on the keypad keys the result alarm system malfunction and false alarms .
The tape insulates the screws from the electronic leads and there by eliminates the problems. But as always is the case Alarm company's who money is the bottom line and installers who do not care install keypads all the time with out it and you the consumer pay for it.
A simple 3 cent trick the difference between a functioning alarm and a garbage install. As you stand there and explain to the Fire dept the keypad fire button went off all by its self.

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