Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bad Employee or deliberately sent to wreck your Business?

Its that pit you get in the bottom of your stomach ,it has happened again
Time to show an employee the door .
This time because he was allowing product out the back door to friends.
There was not a lot taken and you do not want to notify police and go thru that your state is a hire at will state so you let them go.

Just one of the things you go thru with a business hiring and keeping good honest help ,especially since your a seasonal business.
But then the brutal truth comes out as you start to look at the video from the cameras you install and this employee was doing a lot more wrong he was copying customer lists and other sensitive stuff.
Now you worry was this just a bad employee or was he planted there to destroy your business by a competitor ? or is this just a lone wolf type person who sees and takes advantage of everyone selling out to the highest bidder which he is about to do with that client list.
Yes the spy game is not just for big corporations or the CIA even small business will do it to each other,plus there are just plenty of mean vindictive people who will damage and destroy things in a business just because they can.

Take the case back in the 80's when I installed a phone system in an optometrists office in Union town Pa. it worked fine till he hired this one receptionist who kept insisting it was a piece of shit system etc etc.
Well it turns out thru some research her brother installed phone systems to and she was deliberately damaging things. Well me and doc set a little trap and caught her and she was promptly fired.
Amazing after she left no more problems.

Take the case in the 90's a grocery store owner feed up by shrinkage asked me to install cameras all thru the store including loading dock. 2 employee's in particular 2 brothers got all upset and quit. Amazingly again all the broken product and damaged pallets and everything else went away. In this case the owner found out from previous people they worked for they had a habit of doing this. They said nothing wanting to get rid of them as well.

I have seen it in my own business you never give the client plans or bids with full product specifications because they never planned on using your service they just wanted you to do all the work so they could get other contractors to bid against each other for the low price.

One company went so far as to have a couple hire me and the husband worked with me to help save cost just to learn how I fished wires and designed and laid out systems so they could steal all the good ideals I had .

Its a known fact shills are hired all the time to go shop at competitors stores to see what there up to and then to also hire employees to go work at those stores and get everything they can about the place and a little sabotage while there at it .

You see lawsuits in the papers all the time about company's stealing sales and technical people there was even a case where a big plumbing outfit took out internet domains that sounded similar to competitor names so when you clicked on them the lead came to them instead of who they where trying to contact.

Its a sad state of affairs out there when it comes to honesty and integrity in the business world its now more dog eat dog than ever before and with so many bad employees with bad attitudes if its not your competitor trying to do you in its the very employee you thought was a good hire.

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