Saturday, February 11, 2012

Choose an RMR Vs. Traditional Alarm Company and you loose

When it comes to the alarm business there are two lines of thought the Traditional Alarm dealer VS The Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) Model

With the traditional dealer you are sold a system with installation for a given price and monitoring and other services that you may or may not want.
A professional installer comes and installs the system in an expert manner he or she has been properly trained and is properly equipped they use top notch equipment designed to work together and no low budget off label stuff. He or she also properly trains you on how to use it.
So false alarms are prevented
Service calls if needed are reasonable as is up/download support . They do not bill you for every little thing they do. They are concerned about your safety and design a system which designed around your life style and comfort level you desire so that you are safe as possible with in your budget.They can customize the system to your specific needs. Most do not lock you into long term monitoring or services contracts some are month to month or yearly and they know the people well who are doing the monitoring or do it them selves.

With RMR company's they are driven strictly by how much profit they can get from each customer they might claim there worried about your safety they really are not they are only interested in getting your account so they can resell it and get that monthly check off of you.
They do not properly train there employees or supply them with proper tools they need to do a proper job . Systems are strictly cookie cutter everyone gets the same.
They give everything away looking to make it up in monthly payments instead of making money on the install. you end up paying 2-3 times the price for the same system in the long run you would have gotten from a traditional dealer.
They will only service your account if you get there monitoring so they can make even more money off you than they do with a high priced service call there going to charge you anyways because they can.
They use big over worked central stations who are not the best choice when you need critical monitoring. There fees for any thing you get are higher than traditional dealers and they lock you into long term contracts a traditional dealer does not.
They sell a lot of hype and some are known for scaring people into getting a system.
I am a traditional dealer and I do not like what I see going on in the industry.
Too many traditional dealers along with fly by nights and newbies are going the RMR route and the consumer ends up getting screwed in the end ,when you give stuff away then it has no value in the consumers mind.

If you can not install a system or provide service and make a profit and have to give things away to give a bid then you have no business being in the alarm business. Because you lack the education and dedication it takes to properly run any alarm business properly..

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