Monday, February 13, 2012

The Fire Alarm Experts prove there No Security Experts as well

I was on a job the other day installing a Telephone system for a customer who asked me to look over there security system as well to give them a price to take it over and monitor and service it as there not happy with what they have . Well no wonder after I looked at it.
These idiot installers left way too much security equipment visable to allow a potential burglar know exactly what he has to deal with If they wanted to break into the place

At far left you can see a Honeywell GSMV cellular only communicator right inside the back door where it is easy to attack it. yes it has a tamper etc but knowing where its at makes it easier to disable it.
then they install the wireless receiver upside down and do me the favor of telling me theirs more than 1 which tells me this is a high end Honeywell panel and with it so low to the ground again an easy item to disable . I am not going to tell how its done but knowing what I know I could easily take this system out and that goes for any professional burglar who happens thru the building and with camera phones making it easy to photograph stuff when no one is looking as well .
Professional burglars know all about security systems and unfortunately all too often alarm installers have gone over to the dark side and cooperate with criminals.
For such a so called professional company who are supose to be the experts at fire and security I would expect a better install but this is not the case.
One way to keep systems secure is to not show your hand like they have here.
But if you ask the people who installed this system why they installed it that way and are they not concerned a pro could take it out they will give you a total line of horse manure as usual about pro's do not take out and beat cellular transmitters etc.
As usual excuse and no service and once again another system and customer they will loose do to all we want is your check each month we could care less if it works we have our exculpatory contract protecting us.

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