Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Firefighter Code of Ethics its about time

The Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firefighters Assoc. Has conceived and now produced a
Fire Fighter Code of Ethics
Which is below . They are to be commended for there hard work on it. However there are some firefighters and fire depts I have run across in 30+ years of working with and around fire depts and firefighters who have routinely violated most or all of these ethics.
Ethics are fine if your going to follow them but this is just words on paper for some firefighters who are nothing more than trailer trash.
Its a shame but it is true. Because they bring down all the hard work of the CVVFA and every other hard working firefighter out there. Some of these firefighters think because they volunteer fight fires and save lives this makes them heroes and absolves them of there duty's as respectful ethical citizens.
I often talked about a firefighters hall of shame to expose all the poor practices of some fire company's and firefighters out there. So they know there actions are not to be tolerated.
So with in next few posts I hope to have up memories of past where firefighters did excellent and did poorly. In the mean time read and enjoy this excellent work by CVVFA.

I understand that I have the responsibility to conduct myself in a manner that reflects
proper ethical behavior and integrity. In so doing, I will help foster a continuing
positive public perception of the fire service. Therefore, I pledge the following …….
• Always conduct myself, on and off duty, in a manner that reflects positively on myself,
my department and the fire service in general.
• Accept responsibility for my actions and for the consequences of my actions.
• Support the concept of fairness and the value of diverse thoughts and opinions.
• Avoid situations that would adversely affect the credibility or public perception of the
fire service profession.
• Be truthful and honest at all times and report instances of cheating or other dishonest
acts that compromise the integrity of the fire service.
• Conduct my personal affairs in a manner that does not improperly influence the
performance of my duties, or bring discredit to my organization.
• Be respectful and conscious of each member’s safety and welfare.
• Recognize that I serve in a position of public trust that requires stewardship in the
honest and efficient use of publicly owned resources, including uniforms, facilities,
vehicles and equipment and that these are protected from misuse and theft.
• Exercise professionalism, competence, respect and loyalty in the performance of my
duties and use information, confidential or otherwise, gained by virtue of my position,
only to benefit those I am entrusted to serve.
• Avoid financial investments, outside employment, outside business interests or
activities that conflict with or are enhanced by my official position or have the potential
to create the perception of impropriety.
• Never propose or accept personal rewards, special privileges, benefits, advancement,
honors or gifts that may create a conflict of interest, or the appearance thereof.
• Never engage in activities involving alcohol or other substance use or abuse that can
impair my mental state or the performance of my duties and compromise safety.
• Never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, age, marital status,
national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual preference, medical condition or handicap.
• Never harass, intimidate or threaten fellow members of the service or the public and
stop or report the actions of other firefighters who engage in such behaviors.
• Responsibly use social networking, electronic communications, or other media
technology opportunities in a manner that does not discredit, dishonor or embarrass my
organization, the fire service and the public. I also understand that failure to resolve or
report inappropriate use of this media equates to condoning this behavior.
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