Thursday, February 9, 2012

A good reason to take a second look at Black Boxes in Cars.

They where 5 young adults out for a fun night but only two came home after there vehicle went out of control and crashed over a barrier along Greentree Hill on the Parkway west I-376 See link above.
Police contend the the driver was well over 100mph seconds before the crash based on a black box
that car manufacturers like GMC has been putting in there vehicles which they use to study the effectiveness of air bag deployment.
But more and more it is being used in criminal Case's to determine if brakes where applied etc.

This was never the intent of these boxes as they are not built to the standards of a black box you will find on a plane or train engine.
Each manufacturer builds them to there own specifications and desires.
With this in mind a Pa. Common pleas judge is now calling the use of the technology into question
and for both sides to provide experts pro or con as to the effectiveness of the boxes measuring capability.
The judge was right to rule this way as these boxes the way they are currently built could lead to bad rulings and be put to the Daubert standard.
And ruled completely inadmissible in court.
I will be watching this case closely as I believe these boxes should not be allowed to be used until a federal standard is established to insure readings are correct and individual pulling the data are certified and the boxes are properly calibrated otherwise its a crap shoot allowing anything in these boxes to be used in a criminal or civil matter.
I am not alone in this feeling as there are now many appeals cases working there way thru the courts where others also feel they should not have been permitted to be introduced as evidence.
This is again a case for junk science why any judge would allow it to be introduced with out experts analysis behinds its integrity is beyond me and this is exactly why people have been
convicted and imprisoned all based on an unproven technology.

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