Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Know Sprinkler Companys are not properly testing the systems.

At left is a picture of damage from a $300,000.00 water damage claim in a restaurant .
Because a Fire Suppression Sprinkler System was not properly tested and maintained .
The reason I know this is because when we looked at the tag for the last inspection and it says they checked all valves and switches I know for a fact they did not. How do I know because modern Addressable Fire Alarm Systems have very extensive logging capability which tell if items where tested or not and when I looked at the log there where no activations meaning the tests where never done. the log has storage for 1500 entry's six months of data capability . The flow switches, the tamper valves and pressure switches where never activated or tested.
The logs and pictures are now in the hands of lawyers and insurance investigators who surely will recommend a lawsuit be filed against the sprinkler company for not doing there job correctly in an attempt to recover what they had to pay out.

Unfortunately I run across this all the time my customers pay a sprinkler company to come on site and properly inspect and test the system and it is never done. I also know it is not being done because the sprinkler company if doing the test properly should be calling the monitoring center to put the system on test so Fire Trucks do not respond and they do not get called.
I figure upwards of 50% of my customers do not get what they pay for which can be as much as $350.00 for a full test and inspection. and nobody cares nobody wants to know as long as the paper work is signed. Then its duck and cover your ass. Shameful. It happens with fire extinguishers and fire alarms as well.

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