Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is your homes Fire Alarm section of your security system wired properly?

If you have Home Security System and it incorporates a Fire Detection System is it wired properly?
Chances are it is not!

Too many Times have I seen items needed to be done to properly supervise the wiring so you know things are working
properly like the Siren missing its supervision resistor which you can see the horn at left has.
But all to often the resistor is missing and supervision which suppose to be turned on is not. The wire to the siren could break
and you never know meaning it will not sound if smoke detector activates.
Now there are some panels where this resistor is not needed like DSC and some GE but almost all Honeywell and FBI panels require them.

Sadly when this supervision feature was first put into panels to help insure your fire part of system worked and I asked installers had they installed the resistor and turned on the supervision signal . I got blank stares and installers telling me I thought it was just an extra resistor they gave us in case we lost one.
This despite the fact in big letters in the very front of the panel when you unpacked it stating new programming procedures. This does not surprise me at all knowing the state of illiteracy in this country and just stupid uncaring individuals.

You can also see at the far left picture where an installer has bypassed a fire loops supervision
by installing the resistor across the loops terminal instead at end of the loop again like with the siren a wire could fall off or break in the smoke/heat detection system and you never know it is not working.

So why do installers do this . I here all the usual excuses wires don't break , to hard to troubleshoot etc etc. The real answer I am a lazy, ignorant stupid individual and I do not give a damn if the system works or not. I am only in this job for year or so till I find another dead end job
with a cable company where I could care less also because I am not paid to think or do things right and they will not train me properly or give me the right tools so why should I care .

So the question is ? Is your system wired correctly ? Bet its not.


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