Sunday, February 26, 2012

New high Mist Sprinkler System gets the job done

Theres a lot of old firefighters who are totally outdated with there firefighting techniques . Who tell you the only way to attack a fire is with a straight on nozzle stream WRONG .
if you want to get a fire out fast a Fog Nozzle is best the extremely small water droplets suppress by cooling surfaces and cutting oxygen to fire.
One big danger thou is steam that's why it must be properly used and applied or you can end up with scalded firefighters like lobsters in a pot. So that's why they do not teach it.
They would rather your house burn down and they look heroic trying to put it out than to do it with science and technology. same reason they will not use CAF system which uses compressed foam . Because waters free why should they pay for and use foam and save your house and knock the fire out 10 times faster, with less damage.
same with fog nozzles less water faster suppression. With this in mind

UTC Climate ,Controls & Safety company Marinoff

Has been using the technology for over 20 years in special applications but now has gotten UL OH1 and FM approval to use it for its new Hi- Fog general purpose sprinkler systems.

The system covers and cools more surface area and helps cut oxygen to the fire and also save significantly on water usage .Which makes it idea for areas with low or limited water resources.

Less water also means significantly less water damage to the structure as well one of the big problems when systems activate when accidentally triggered.

high pressure fog type systems have been used by European firefighters for many years now but as usual the fire service always proves its own worse enemy when you have dinosaur firefighters out there who refuse to update there skills and get educated about fire.Then they wonder why they have trouble getting volunteers.

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