Thursday, February 16, 2012

Once again a Valuable Lesson could have been learned and Fire service Ignored It

Yes unfortunately every day the Fire Service proves it is its own worst enemy take the very valuable field training exercise and Video opportunity which could be used in the class room that could have been theirs for absolutely nothing. Instead they choose to ignore it and some firefighter has been seriously injured some where in Pa. because of it,because they would have known the dangers these cathedral roofs pose.
One of my customer's purchased and old very large Social Hall in the Olde Dutch Towne section of Pittsburgh's North Side .
It sat for many years neglected and the gutters filled up with debris and after a severe winter with plenty of ice a 40 ft section of roof collapsed bringing down with it a 15 foot round wood and steel chandelier and 12x12 inch wooden beams. Thank god it happened at night and no one was in the building.
Seeing an excellent once in a life time training opportunity for fire rescue personnel to actually come on site and see with there own eyes the damage and see all the signs of what had happened and then video everything to be able to share what they saw and learned exactly how everything sat and see how the roof actually moved because a rescue did not have to take place.
The would have gotten to see it fresh. Actually see the whole ceiling ripped open the beams sitting off kilter etc etc.
But no they ignored it. I contacted the County Fire Academy gave them all the contact info and that the owner and insurance company would wave off all injury claims etc.
To allow for this once in a life time opportunity no strings attached and they BLEW IT. They never bothered to call.
So firefighters never got to see the collapse and to learn first hand in an untouched environment.
The pictures above show the roof as it was being repaired.
There was never any further danger of the roof going and with safe boundary set it all could have been captured and used for training but why they ignored it go figure?
My customer a professional photographer with expert video staff offered to help do the video and everything else and take it off as a tax deduction as well.
When I told other firefighters and showed them pictures they where outraged that the Academy decided to do nothing.

Also to rub salt in a wound the owner of this property next door also had a 6 story brick and wood timber building he bought and was renovating he offered to allow rescue crews come in and use there tools to force entry on doors cut thru various walls etc and set up rescue scenarios
including the old freight elevator shaft and was refused as well. It all came down to one PHerson being an ass and stopping it all.

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