Sunday, February 5, 2012

Priority 1# Keeping my Parents safe in their Golden Years

After my dad retired from Steel mill where he was an Electrician in the byproducts division . He and my mom took up traveling around the tri-state area with friends and square dancing as a healthy thing to do to keep active and helping with Meals on Wheels .
So when my dad developed a wound on his foot which would not heal properly we got concerned. Here they found he was having circulation problems in his leg so after
skin grafts and vain replacement and a hospital stay it was time for dad to come home.
Well that's not so easy with Pittsburgh and its hills there's few homes you can walk flat into or easily ramp.
So my younger brother an Industrial Engineer came up with the ideal of building special railings the height and width of parallel bars as you can see how they bend in on far left picture which my dad could use to get into the house. So he talked with my dads physical therapist to get measurements etc. and since my dad has kept him self fit he had no problems getting down them and into the house not wanting to have to take a private ambulance and be brought in on a stretcher as he is not allowed to put pressure on his foot for a while till the graft heals.
My very good customer Gray Welding and Fabricating Services in Braddock Pa. helped us out with building them and me and my brother installed them in several hours. As you can see they easily hold my weight as my dad is big and tall like me.These steps would cost about $3000.00 installed but we did it for much less.
and my Middle brother a Professional Chef made a fantastic gourmet lunch for our friends out at Gray Welding for helping out.
All the visiting nurses and therapists who come to see my dad just love them and wish more of there patients had them. In the long run it makes it safer for my mom as well as the street gets icy from a spring that runs on it and poor maintenance by city road crews. When my dad is better we will cut the left railing off and sleeve it so it can be reused in future if needed.
We also installed a couple of temporary grab bars on porch out of steel pipe as well.
and other things to make it easy till he is well.
I hate to say it but there are so many of the kids we grew up in my neighborhood who do nothing for there parents some have moved and never come back or just do not care.
Thats no way to treat your parents. When my parents lost power several times last few years for couple of days we went out and rented them a generator no one else did for there parents.
My Dad worked in the mill and my mom was a home maker we never had lot of money to do things but my parents where always there for us even in scouting when they would drive us to camp etc.
While the other kids parents tried to buy there kids love and give them everything but where never there and now there kids have nothing to do with them.
Dam shame. Unfortunately too many of the kids we grew up with are worthless, in jail or dead from drugs/alcohol as well. but that's the choice you make in life.
We all went to same schools all had same opportunity and some of us went on did well and lived our life's while others chose not to.

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