Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Their at it again pass worthless license alarm rule in Pa.

Yes the Pa. Burglar and Fire Alarm Assoc. is once more at it again trying to get a state license passed in this state. Only problem the state has no money to enforce it so like the registration law it is totally worthless and enforced by a paper tiger.
Contractors are laughing at the new registration law it just makes the slobs look more legitimate and there still ripping people off look at my friend Ceora and her roof the state has done absolutely nothing to the contractor.
All a license does is determine who works who does not that's it.The little guy contractor gets screwed again .

Look at the registration test and license in City of Pittsburgh on the very top of the permit line they ask for the contractors tax number, not license number first.

An alarm license in this state means nothing unless there is actual hands on testing inspection and enforcement. None of which will happen in Pa. the states broke and the state does not care.
and to even get a licensed individual now in this state thru a state board hearing and an action taken is almost impossible unless a criminal complaint is part of it.

Other groups including wedding photographers and Interior decorators have tried to get a Pa. state license as well. sorry we do not need to be like NY state.
Of course all the company's pushing for the new licensing are some of the biggest offenders to begin with. When it comes to properly installing burglar and fire alarms.
it requires a license a certification a registration which requires you to actually show skills hand on not just pass a written test and it requires follow up to make sure the jobs are being done right. just look at How many UL certificated Burglar Alarm systems I have found put in totally wrong over the years in jewelry and check cashing stores. By one of this assoc. own members.

No and dam no . No license today tomorrow or next year unless it has teeth and meaning.

A license, insured , bonded etc. etc. means nothing unless it is enforced. Otherwise it is a

disservice and insult and rip off to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pa.. yes where actually a commonwealth not a state.

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