Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another telephone vendor trying to rip off a Customer

One of my customers recently experienced a water line break in there business and had plenty of items damaged including the fire system and they thought the phone system . Well they call there telephone vendor  who sends out  a technician who tells them the system is shot and needs replaced. He was quoted $4400.00 for 4 phones. which is pretty high considering the equipment costs the vendor about $1600.00  that's a tidy profit for couple hours work of going click click and program it  in under 3 hours.
Well he asks me while installing the new  fire alarm  board which was water soaked and calcified do you work on phones by chance ? well yes I do and in fact the Avaya Phone system he has is one I install and service so he asked me to look it over and give him a price.  He  also asked if I could giggle the old systems boards around to get him partial service. Sure I said  I went down stairs looked at system It did not even seem damaged except for couple cables got wet. I replaced them fired up the system and it was working perfectly there was nothing wrong with it. the whole reason line 1and 2 where not working is because these where the lines the fire alarm was tied to and fire alarm was blocking the lines . So at that point there was no sense in ordering a new system unless he wanted to upgrade.
So then you have to say to your self what exactly did this phone technician look at and test when he came and said the system was dead ? Its very obvious he was not interested in servicing an older system he wanted to sell a new system for his boss and get a nice commission for doing so. Needless to say this company will never again be called by my customer who also told them he is not paying for the service call since they tried to rip him off.he has also told other business friends as well about getting ripped off by this vendor.
Had  I not checked things he would have been buying a $4400.00 dollar system for no good reason and lining a vendors pockets. This was a total rip off and he has filed a complaint against the company who tried to rip him off. A very large telco vendor here in Pittsburgh.
Always always get a second opinion on something like this when a tech says something is dead and its high ticket get it checked out first before getting ripped off.

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