Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Fire Chiefs concern over False Alarm Prevention covers

Safety Technology International Inc. has for many years now made an excellent line of products to help prevent False Fire alarms and Protect from damage and vandalism life safety equipment.
One of there best known products found everywhere is" The Stopper " a Hinged plastic cover that is placed over Fire Alarm Manual Pull stations to prevent accidental and deliberate activation of Pull stations . Its very simple design and works well it can be used with and with out an electronic sounder to even further deter pranksters who attempt to pull a false alarm. In one case at Holy Family's School for At Risk Children in Turtle Creek Pa. where they where having troubles with a student who enjoyed causing false alarms during lunch time my self and a helper had no sooner put several up in cafeteria and school hall and stopped to take a break and we heard one of the covers going off and the 16 year old student was caught and facing felony risking of a catastrophe charges .

I even had a custom cover made for a Emergency Boiler shut off switch in a hallway of a school that was being pushed and the little fool wet his pants it was so loud besides being caught.

But with this in mind I had a Fire Chief express to me his concern that some one who needs to activate the pull station for a real emergency might become confused by the loud alarm in the cover and think they have activated the fire system when they had not done so. However having done a good bit of research I have not found one incident of this. If any one has would you please let me know. for now though I will keep using there excellent products to help prevent false fire alarms .

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