Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

I am one of the most fortunate people on earth having so far survived a terminal disease diagnosis of Stage IV Colorectal cancer at the age of 47 in 2007.
I am now out 4 years from diagnosis only 5% of those diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal ever get this far . That means for every 5 of us who make it 95 have died from it. I was originally given 6 months to a year or so to live.

Because we can go out of remission and get cancer a second some times 3rd or 4th time after you are diagnosed stage IV and survive .

Your disease is considered terminal there is no cure you try the best you can to keep the monster in the box. Some are fortunate enough to make it 10-20 or more years with out problems.

The Month of March has been designated Colon Cancer Awareness Month
by the Fight Colorectal Cancer .org

Colorectal Cancer is the number 3# cancer killer behind Lung and Breast Cancer

and in many cases it is completely preventable if caught in an early stage and not ignored by your doctors like mine was saying I had Colitis instead of doing a colonoscopy before my 50th birthday.

Yes 50 is the magic number for most to get a scope but as they are now finding out Colorectal cancer is hitting younger men and women even in there 20's if you have a family history of polyps and colon cancer they now say get scoped at 40 even 30 years of age.

Just do not take the Dr.s word you have Colitis or Chrons etc. get scoped and demand it.

Now many people I know fear a colonoscopy do not its no big deal the hardest part of the whole deal is the clean out before you get scoped . They are making it even easier these days no more drinking that big jug of juice . couple pills some powder in a Gatorade and that's it.

Now you will here story's of your awake and pain etc. and its all total Bull shit I have had 4 Colonoscopys so far no problems they put you in a semi twilight sleep and you have no idea whats going on it takes 15-20 minutes you wake up full of gas some times blow it out and that's it.

However there is a short scope they do you are awake and there is a small amount of discomfort and again its no big deal nothing to it. I had it done and Doc doing the scan even gave me a picture to show the cancerous tumors what they looked like so I had an idea what I was dealing with after I had an episode from bleeding during a Bowell movement.

Ok so what are the signs?.

Some times there are no signs and in my case the so called Colitis I was having was masking them. All along the colitis was being caused by tumors which where building up in my Bowell 7 in all big as a grape and one started bleeding and became cancerous spreading cancer cells to my Liver.

But generally symptoms to be worried about.

Small skinny ,irregular or flat stoles on a regular basis.

black looking stoles.

Eating certain foods and then becoming extremely violently ill in your stomach .

Blood that fills a toilet more than just a drop or to you get with hemorrhoids.

Sudden loss of weight and anemia . You could be bleeding out like I was and not realize it

But then again remember some times there are no signs as well. Thats why you need to go in get scoped and if they find a polyp get it clipped out before it turns cancerous.

Can you prevent colon cancer well in my case it was genetics that played a big role I was going to get it at some point despite fact I took care of my self.

But 1# Do not smoke period

2# keep weight off and exercise regularly

3# Limit red meat now that does not mean you can not have a steak every once in a while but consider other foods as well.

they say vegan is way to go but I know vegans with colon cancer so go figure.

4# eat your vegetables especially broccoli and carrots raw is even better.

But biggest thing get in get checked and do not be a woozy boy. or girl get you butt checked.

Thank you to all those who have and still have me in there prayers.

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