Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not Following Cash handling Policy Puts Lives at Risk results in firings

3 Employees of Family Dollar Stores learned a very hard lesson after it was robbed of several thousand dollars and they ended up losing there jobs .

Family Dollar like many large retail stores has a very strict cash handling policy meant to cut down on embezzling , theft and robbery when it comes to how money is handled.

7-11 Convenience Stores after a string of serious robbery's in 1970's there stores started the policy no more than $35.00 in the till at any time and also prominently posted it on the stores doors to cut down on armed robbery's. Funds over $35.00 immediately go into a locked time delayed drop safe. This has drastically cut down armed robbery's in there stores.

This is why Family Dollar and other stores have followed suit with similar policy's. Money has to be put in drop safes and drop safes emptied to main safe and main safe contains a certain amount of money and the excess is to be deposited in night deposit and not left on store premise.

This is because the stores are not located in prime areas and criminals have these and every other business under constant surveillance waiting for employees to make mistakes get lazy and then score . Which is exactly what happened at Family Dollar there is absolutely no excuse the money was allowed to build up .Those managers who where let go allowed so much money to be built up put not only employees but the shoppers and general public's lives at risk.

But they do not see it that way along with others. Thats too bad these policy's are in place for a reason and you see the end result because they did not follow it. Some one could very well be dead from this.

When you work in retail and handle money you have to constantly think and act like your in a fish bowl and every action is being watched and it is by the criminal community . Even shoppers making comments can trigger problems when they see large amounts of money and shoot there mouths off to friends some one is always listening as well.

Thats why the signs during WWII " Be aware you may be watched and heard " and loose lips sink ships. "

Handle money correctly or be prepared to loose it ,your job and even you life.

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