Friday, March 9, 2012

Security is not a Profit center so a Bean counter decides to put your life in jeopardy

Recently there was a shooting at Western Pa. Psychiatric Hospital in Pittsburgh where a gunman killed one and injured several others.
the lobby had no armed guard or metal detectors

Why ? you might ask it comes down to bean counters and the perception the hospital gives. they did not want to give guards guns a psych patient could grab there reasoning not police or security experts opinion . They do not want to make the place look like an armed camp .

First the bean counters. Because security is not a profit center in a corporation and makes no visible profit why spend on it. I say BULL SHIT .
Security is what protects your making profit which is going right out the door with the dead gunmen .
Because these security decisions come down to bean counters who look at statistics and probabilities etc . If the risk is low why spend money on securing a facility.
Well now you have your answer 2 dead 7 others injured. Are you satisfied you pompous ass holes

I agree Guards with guns should not be in locked down secured areas But certain individuals should have access to non lethal weapons like taser, bean bag guns, laser blinders etc which could have knocked out or debilitated the gunman if they could get to them fast enough or catch him off guard.
There are many hospitals with non uniformed guards they do not want to give the perception its unsafe bull shit again I feel safer knowing some uniformed guards are there. Even if there not armed. This whole armed guard thing comes down to this perception by hospitals we do not want our guests to think it is unsafe. Then to go and post No Weapons permitted on premise why not just invite the gunman in if your going to go off and kill people and kill the most you can kill before you get shot or shoot your self why not go to a mall, hospital, school where there's no weapons you know you have easy targets and easy access and cops are a few minutes away. Which is exactly why he came in the unsecured lobby and did not try to sneak a weapon thru the emergency room. As I listen to KDKA news tonight police have identified the gunman are now at his apartment and they say he had maps and details all marked out to get ready for the attack. It apears he was a patient there with long stays and wanted to kill his doctor.

So what did we have in the lobby at WPIC today an armed Pittsburgh Policeman till we let our guards down again at the hospital.

Its too late to close the door after the horse is out of the barn why did you not have this done earlier this might never have happened?

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