Thursday, March 15, 2012

Silent Knight releases new 2 input 2 relay out module

The good folks at Silent Knight
have come out with a unique module that fits the bill for remotely controlling Doors, Fans and other ancillary functions needed to be done by a fire alarm when it activates the model SK-Relay Mon-2 is different from the original SK Mon-2 which allowed you to monitor 2 points in one area like a water flow switch and tamper valves. The new module will also now allow you to control another function as well.
Such as when the water flow activates it unlocks a door to allow firefighter access or start fans etc.
So many possibility from one module.
If you use SK products check out this new module.
If your not using SK products you should check them out .There solid and dependable easy to program and service and much lower costs than factory authorized installed equipment.

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