Thursday, March 1, 2012

With so much resposibilty why are Guards paid so Little?

It has happened again another completely senseless
criminal act regarding the handling of money by a security company one young man is dead and the other on the run for his life after a armored car guard has killed his Partner and fled with the money some where around $2 million in Pittsburgh pa.

But the bigger question to all of this is why do we pay people pennies to watch millions of dollars in money and property and then expect a professional response.
I worked as a security Guard For the now long gone Burns International Security, Mc Glenon Detective Agency ,CPP Security , Commonwealth Security, Pa Professional security . Holmes Protection etc and all paid poorly and I was responsible for watching over millions of dollars in Property . By the way every company I worked at as a guard are also closed and gone as well.
Including Holmes where I worked as a runner repairman of alarm systems in Jewelry,Fur stores ,banks etc at the time making 2 dollars over minimum. To be trusted to respond fix the alarm and reset it .I was 20 when I worked for Holmes not old enough to legally own a hand gun but was able to carry one on my hip working for them.
Now granted I was an Eagle scout so back round check was no big deal but what little checking they did do back then even now is totally amazing. It is a known fact even up to couple weeks ago that known convicted felons where working as security guards in Local schools here in Pittsburgh Pa. .
Now to Carry a gun as a guard in pa. you have to pass and undergo training for a Act 235 license but its really a joke . 40 hours of class and 1 time at range is not enough . But some states have no training or background requirements at all to be a guard and armed.You just need a gun carry license.

But that's the way it is in the security field they tell you the client how important your business is
and how professionally trained there guards are when all along most make minimum or little above and armored guards get $8-13 dollars an hour that's it. Now there are some places that have there own guards and pay more but there far and few and in most cases its get a warm body in there to keep an eye on things so we get a fat check from client every week.
Dam shame but that is the truth that's why so many company's come and go in this industry couple lawsuits and there gone. They really do not care about you because if they did they would pay a professional wage and act like professionals. Not change names and sell out every few years.

It has now also come out about this guard who shot his partner and stole 2 million stole radios from fire dept and they declined to charge him and lotto tickets where missing from a store why was he not suspended from his job why did fire dept not prosecute Like I say fire service is it own worst enemy and this proves it again.

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