Monday, July 23, 2012

Beware these Replacement Plugs being sold at Flea Markets

 If you spend any time around a Flea Market in Western  Pa. you will run across some Chinese individuals with a large white box truck they have filled with cardboard boxes of the newest arrivals from China with a variety of cheap dollar items.Unfortunately some of the items they are selling are dangerous being yellow replacement plugs and receptacles for extension cords They have shown up at Trader Jacks, in Collier , Rossie's Pop Up in  North Versailles  and Butler pa flea market on Pa Rt.8 and the plugs have shown up at a flea market on US119 in Connelsville
The Plugs and Receptacles are not  UL Listed have undersized metal in them and are of very poor construction. I have notified CPSC  about them but as yet no action has been taken these same people where the ones selling undersized extension cords several years back and had all there items seized by the CPSC.

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