Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Heat brings out all the defects in Fire Alarms when they start falsing

Yes summer time can cause all kind of electrical issues especially when it comes to Fire Alarms and False alarm signals for no apparent reason.
Often times the culprit is in the picture at left. It is a simple heat detector . If you do not install the proper heat detector  for the proper purpose then a false alarm is guaranteed.
The unit at left is a 194 degree fixed detector it is supposed to be used in Attics , Kitchens and other areas where temperature gets extremely hot and air temps change rapidly.

But typically what happens is the wrong unit gets installed in these areas like a 135 degree rate of rise and fixed detector . Rate of Rise units operate 2 ways when temperature gets to the fixed value typically 135 or 194  but it also operate if room temperature changes 15 degrees in 5 minutes. So put this unit in the attic typically it does not get above 135 degrees but have an attic cooling fan turn on  and now you can have an air change fast enough you get an alarm.
The Fire Dept. arrives and starts looking can not find anything and the alarm resets. Well looks like the alarm just went off from power blink etc. Wrong it was the wrong heat detector and until some one physically goes up into the attic and checks guess what the false alarms will continue every time its hot out. and get blamed on everything except what the real cause is.
not that power issues can not be involved but most modern panels handle power imbalances well compared to the old days. But power issues can result if the Back up batteries are not in good shape. they need changed at least every 3-5 years. But I see them in there 7-10 or more years and yes when power blinks alarm false s . If the batteries are good false alarm eliminated. same thing with grounding the panels a properly sized and run ground wire eliminates issues and additional surge protection can be added as needed and problems avoided. But again why bother doing any of this
if your an alarm company ? If you want to keep a customer happy this is why, but it is very obvious too many company's are interested in your money not your safety so choose wisely who installs and services your systems.

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