Friday, July 27, 2012

Why was This Elevator allowed to pass inspection with a Non Complying Fire Alarm

Once again Pa. Dept of Labor & Industry Inspectors prove they are totally and completely incompetent when it comes to understanding the NFPA Fire Codes when it comes to how an elevator is to be protected with a Fire alarm system.

NFPA 72 requires all elevators to have a supervised fire panel running and operating the smoke detectors used to capture and recall an elevator if smoke is present but this is not what was done with a building in Beaver county where non supervised 120 volt powered smoke detectors where used.

As per usual the Dept of Labor & industry when contacted about this elevator not complying with codes had no interest in correcting it despite the fact a state certified  elevator inspector employee  signed off on the inspection of this elevator which was installed 2 years ago and which clearly requires it follow NFPA72 rules. L&I has also failed to address the issue of the wrong type of sump pumps being used in elevator pits as well.

In the case of this elevator since the building did not have a fully functioning and programmable  fire system a separate  fire panel is to be mounted in the area of the elevator  marked for elevator use only and all smoke detectors are wired to the panel so it is known at all times the smoke detector recall system for the elevator is properly functioning . But this is not the case with how this elevator was done in Center Twp. in Beaver County  Instead they took off the shelf 120 volt smoke detectors and just wired them in  with no supervision so a fire could break out  and a smoke detector not sense the smoke and the elevator would not be recalled to first floor or designated level  should any of them loose 120 volts ac power.  A very dangerous situation. I will be correcting in next few weeks as I rebuild a fire system in this building.

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