Thursday, August 23, 2012

Plastic Lamp Holders Do not waste your money on them

We had a bad wind storm last week in Pittsburgh area and my customer calls me other day after he noticed the Plastic Lamp holders he bought  I installed for him last year had snapped and where dangling.
after he turned on the spot lights and found them not working. When he bought them he did not realize they where plastic but since I was already there I went ahead and installed them.

Now luckily all I had to do was climb up and replace them with metal ones for him but this could have been a bad situation  because had the house been wood or plastic siding and the bulbs still been working there could have been a fire.
With the hot bulbs which where laying against the house.
I have never been a fan of these plastic units but customers insist on buying and installing them because they are much cheaper than metal but as you can see what good are they when there so easy to break.

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