Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Product Press releases and Wet Dreams one and the same

It amazes me how many times a manufacturer releases a press release on new product line there coming out with and then never release it or by time they do release it the product either is obsolete by newer technology or does not even do what press release claimed.
Take back in early 80's I had a residential customer who wanted a wireless system and at time there was Linear and Capricorn available along with few other smaller players. Wireless back then really was bad stuff because you could not tell which sensor went off or which sensor had a low battery a real pain in the butt. But then Capricorn Electronics Maiden NC came out with a release for a new supervised wireless system with built in communicator. Looked great and that it would fit the bill. Great I go to supply house to order one. There not in production yet and will not be for some time well it was almost 3 years from time I saw first press release till unit was finally out and by then Ademco had come out with its bullet proof Alert II wireless and I never went back to the false alarm prone Capricorn CEI-8 unit or its newer supervised products since the Ademco Alert II worked so well. But thats the way things work out too many manufacturers put all there effort into a press release showing off this fancy unit instead of getting on the ball and rolling it out. Or they roll the product out too early and not beta test it and expect dealers to find the bugs in field and deal with it.
Neltech was a company with very innovative electronic alarm panels but there was one problem when they built them they where designed for the west coast where power was even and clean not the old power systems here on east coast so the panels constantly had tantrums . Then there was the 725 C Alarm panels put out by Moose products that disarmed all by themselves .
yes the 1980's was a trying period for alarms and electronics as we started going from relays to solid state electronics. While some manufacturers learned there lessons many did not and are no longer around. So knowing this you would think manufacturers would be more careful before releasing products especially in light of how bad the economy is you want a winner not a loser but its the same old thing. flashing press releases with all kind of new innovative technology taking forever to be released. Some manufacturers never learn and deserve to be burned. Guess will see who all is still around in 2013

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