Monday, October 15, 2012

HD Radio The free thru the air Digital Radio Channels your missing

If you live in a major AM/FM radio market like I do theirs over 75 radio stations to listen to including several country western stations but not the kind of country I like to listen to. So what to do get an XM satellite radio  to listen to  Hank , Willie  and the rest of the good ole boys  no way I am not going to pay $10.00 a month  for something thats free thru the air.
Thats exactly what HD radio is but you have to have a HD  radio or adapter in picture at left  that allows you to pick up the digital signal  and in some cases multiple channels can be picked up from a single station.  using a technique known as IBOC or In band on channel .
 Digital content is sent right along with analog stations broadcast. Think of it like the FM stereo signal some FM stations put out.

I like to listen to Y-108 or WDSY 107.9  its official call letters . Its a country station which also has on HD 2 its Classic Country Station
The Wolf  HD2  which plays the older artists . and its CD quality sound as well. I also like to listen to talk station KDKA 1020 AM  but some times all the noise on the AM band makes it hard to hear. No problem I tune in its FM simulcast on 93.7 HD2 on KD's sister sports station   and now I hear KDKA with no fizz or noise.

The HD radios beside sounding great also can send you info  as to whats playing etc as well.
Now HD does have its draw back the signal does fade in and out  here in Pittsburgh with the hills and tunnels and does not travel as far  as its analog cousin and not all stations broadcast HD signals and HD signals can cause digital  buzz bleed over to other stations especially at night on AM band  . But the sound quality is unbeatable.  People can not believe I actually have a radio station on they think its an High End  MP3 player etc. it sounds that good.  HD radios are couple bucks more than standard radios and are hard to find not everyone stocks them but the adapter you see at left is around $100.00and easy to install. Some new cars now come with HD radios as a standard feature and check out Crutchfield Radio  on the web for a wide selection of HD radios .

You can even hear the BBC Worldwide News  shortwave broadcasts here in Pittsburgh and across the country as many of the NPR radio stations carry it on there HD channels as well. There's all kinds of extra sports and  Jazz channels as well  to be explored  some stations even run there old formats on HD as well .
                          No Receiver ?  Have a Smart Phone or Internet Connected Computer?

If you have a smart phone and download  the App  CBS has some of there HD channels you can listen to thru the app. Like the Sky channel for those who like new age stuff  and numerologists and such and yes if you look up Pittsburgh the Wolf HD2  classic country can be listened to on your smart phone.
Plus many other HD Channels can be found on other apps as well like" I heart" and "Tune In" . There are also sites on internet to find and play HD channels as well  Look up your favorite station and some have button right on there site so you can tune in the HD channel they run
So what are you waiting for join the HD wave.

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