Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fluke Networks butt sets a total disapointment

At one time Fluke made the very best instruments and meters for  measuring electronic voltages etc. I even have an older Fluke Meter at the radio station I inherited from previous engineer.

But any more I will never again by a fluke Product they have had several recalls on there meters and this brand new Telephone installers Butt Set I bought  for $250.00 last year has broken down  for a 3rd time after only being used a couple dozen times.

I am totally and completely disgusted with Fluke and there products. It seems to be all cheaply made crap coming out of Chinese plants instead of American made the way it used to be done.I was always willing to pay a premium price for fluke because its was worth it but no more. I am not even going to return this butt set and write it off as a loss I can not afford to have equipment fail in the field in the mean time the $75.00 butt set I bought from Paladin tools is still working 5 year  on go figure.

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