Wednesday, November 28, 2012

If Manufacturers want to sell more Card Access Systems The price of the Cards has to come down

In the 30+ years of doing alarm system I have only sold about 20+ card Access systems
The single biggest barrier being the cost of the cards and fobs used by personnel to enter in some cases they can be 2-3 times the cost of the equipment You can buy a 2 door control unit for under $1000.00 and depending on the electric lock which runs $150-500.00  You can install for around $1500.00 and make a decent profit for a days work,  till you add in the cards or fobs which run $3.50 a piece and up if you have 100 users thats  $350.00 dollars additional or $3500.00 for 1000 cards if you have a  employer or social  club with a high amount of members or employees .
Its is no wonder people will not put in card access and go instead with the headache and non security of keys which can be easily copied because they will not spend the $6.00 a piece high security keys cost. Until they can get prices down forget it. Will they listen I guess will see. With so much stuff being made overseas you would think cards would be no more than $1.50 dealer cost.

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